Design Nonstop
Nasik, Maharashtra (IN)

Bio: Design Nonstop is an eclectic design destination providing design services in all aspects of creativity. Focusing on 'design' in their approach, architecture, identity, utility and accessory products, interiors, furniture and so on are mediums of their oeuvre. Resourceful and inventive in its character, Design Nonstop has been attempting to make living aesthetically better, trying to design beyond requirement. From architectural design and book layout, Design Nonstop had been successful in reaching out through their design, in enhancing experience of final product to all senses. Design Nonstop aims to work for all parts of society and has shown with its work that design is not mere comfort but an essential aspect of modern living that solves basic problems of everyday. With minimal opulence, the interiors/identity/architecture thus designed is simple to eye and pleasure to familiarity. Having done varied projects over the span of five years, their works include designing a 'Temple house' at Saykheda, a postmodern living for Gogates, identity for Zabuza, publication of a brochure and a collective of customer review for Prime Industries to a portable toilet for social well being. With a contemporary take on ideas of creation for better living and an understanding of vernacular material and needs, Design Nonstop is the destination for design to match your need and your living beautiful. Design Nonstop is founded by Rishikesh Khedkar (B.Arch, MFA Product Design) and Snehal Joshi (B. Arch, M.Des Product Design)

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