The Arabs travelled far and wide, taking along things, giving ideas. They prided their possessions as if they owned them eternally. Their power was their journeys, like Sindabad the sailor. Their travels were ‘real’ fantasises, like an elephant hidden in a cave, and seen partially, with a lamp. The seen descriptions were all true but yet not the complete whole; but became interesting stories of travels nevertheless.  Journeys are endeavours, the human competence to the moments that surpass and are untranscendable. Journeys not only humanize time but also make us aware of times. Design, or all art captures these and numerous of such instances, and the creative mind is entranced in this process of creation. The endeavours in the coming blogs are the personified design processes, the travelogues, which enable to redefine the inspired; the primitive instinct to create is eternal. 

We began enroute with our blog, and thought sharing our travels would be the utmost sharing experience. Things that are outcomes of our observations subsequently come through in our works, but there remain quite a many which are unsaid realities of seen, which we wish to present. We commence with our tour to Karnataka, the magnanimous Chālukyans of Badāmi to the stupendous Vijayanagara Empire, a period from 6th C. A.D. to 16th C. A.D., what began with the magnificent structural temples to a well established city state with one of largest trading centres of the world;   an excursion into the architecture, planning, living and visions of our ancestry, which stupefied and gave us pride simultaneously. What come ahead would be descriptions of a number of co-travellers from different streams, some learned and some laymen. There would be iconographies, self-made histories, engineering marvels and also some living human legends that came across. These are travelogues, the portions of the whole truth in their own relevance and would form a complete elephant together. Journeys, they say are dreams re-lived, and make our lives more real. 

Here are some glimpses for starters. Wishing you a fiesta of readings!







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